What is 16.0?

Publicado: 29 de marzo de 2012 en Apoyo al centro, Info
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A building abandoned very long ago by Madrid’s government was recovered by and for the neighbors of Malasaña (Madrid), and transferred back to the neighborhood as a social center in November 2011. We work in a self-managed way. We are horizontal, and all decisions are reached by consensus in a general assembly. CSOA stands for ‘squatter self-managed social center’, in Spanish.


We have a strong vocation of service to the neighborhood. This space is as yours as it is ours. In it you can develop any project you like. We have many of them running or in preparation, like:

– A self-managed kitchen and an organic food consumer group

– Workshops and courses

– Meetings, conferences, movies, music, etc.

– Several art projects

– Library with free access to the internet

– And much more…

Besides, you can enjoy our great chair assortment. They’re all different!


Calle del Escorial 16, Madrid. Subway station: Tribunal or Noviciado. Open from 5 to 11 pm (it may vary on weekends).


CSOA 16.0 depends on a supply and mutual aid network, formed so far by:

– collective urban vegetable gardens

– network of food producers

– private donations from individuals or consumer groups

– food recycling

You are more than welcome to participate in this beautiful project. You can do this in several ways:

– bringing something from our want list

– donating part of your production (if you produce something)

– participating in any of the structural or support groups

– having a drink at the kitchen

– financial contribution for fines and trials

– getting in touch with producers who would like to participate

– or any other way you might think of! Use your imagination.

By uniting our struggles, (r)EVOLution moves forward…

Also, we have cleaning turns on mondays and fridays from 5 to 7 pm. Please sign up on the board near the entrance.

A simple and easy way to support us is to drop a coin in the red box you’ll see in the kitchen. In return, we’ll invite you to a drink, or you can take some badges with you.

And always remember: if they harm one of us, they harm all of us!




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